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We offer a line of financial products which will help tremendously in money management, budgeting, getting out of debt and helping you to become financially free.

Debt Free and Prosperous Living Basic Course $79.00

    Get out of Debt and out of financial bondage!
      * This program will help you get completely out of debt, Including your mortgage, in 5-7 years using the money You already make.

      * You will learn how to completely operate with cash And never need credit again.
      * Safely and quickly build wealth and security.
      * This is a Biblically based program and highly recommended. Includes a manual and 4 audio cassettes.   FULLY GUARANTEED

A Biblical Perspective on Debt-Free and Prosperous Living  by John Cummuta

Explains in detail what the Bible says about money, debt and prosperity. Very important teaching. 
53 pages. 

Debt Free for Windows Software
This is a great program for those who have a computer and would like to keep constant tabs on their debt free program. Stay motivated and stay on top of your finances. "Your personal debt elimination management tool. Complete with reports." $59.00

Ordering Info.

Please include 10% for shipping ($6.00 minimum). Mass residents, add 5% sales tax.

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PO Box 712
Hingham, Ma. 02043

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