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More Links

The links that follow vary from home-school resources, to Christian and Jewish sites.

Http:// -
Excellent site for children
International Federation for Messianic Jews

Christian Accountant

Family Reformation

The Puritan Light--
17th century Puritan/ Jewish ministry {Stepping out of the Darkness}. This is our other website

Ensconced -
for Teen girls

Consider Your Ways -
homeschooling resource for children. A wonderful small magazine!

Chapel Library
Free resources

Wool Capes 
for ladies and girls.

Compradore  -
E-books. Look for Broken Promises, a novel for girls!

Mott Media
The best place to find classic curriculum

Crowned with Silver

Sarah's Promise

Family Discipleship magazine
The Dunlap family

Joy in the World Ministries
The Coover family

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